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The Romans Baths of Bourbon-Lancy

Bourbon-Lancy is known since ancient times for the virtues and quality of its thermal waters. The name of Bourbon comes from the Celtic water's god Borvor. The baths are open from Mars 31st to November 5th, 2016.


The 4 sources picked have a 400m3 rate per day. The water, which comes out between 56 and 60 °C, is used after natural cooling. It belongs to the group of hyperthermal waters, radioactive, with chloride sodium, bicarbonate slightly and few minerals. Its composition shows a high lithium content, excellent mood regulator that relieves stress and anxiety, a small amount of calcium, magnesium and traces of iron and manganese.


Thermal establishment at the forefront of technology

It was built in the 19th century on the old site of the Roman baths. Expanded several times, it is now equipped with extremely modern facilities where everything is made to ensure comfort and relaxation of the spa guest and for highly effective treatments.


Therapeutic indications

Bourbon-Lancy's waters mainly treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system: all types of osteoarthritis, degenerative chronic rheumatism, inflammatory rheumatism, arthritis, trauma suites, fibromyalgia. Thanks to its sedative and vasodilating effects, Bourbon-Lancy's waters are also indicated for the cardio-arterial diseases (hypertension, arteritis obliterans of the lower extremities, Raynaud's disease ...)


Specific fibromyalgia stays

  • From April 27th to May 18th
  • From May 25th to June 13th
  • From June 30th to July 18th
  • From October 10th to October 30th


Different types of treatments are available: poultice of mud, underwater massage, mobilization pool, jet pool, aerobaths, hydroxeurs, general showers, regional or local, jet, sprayed or column, general and local incubators and finally bathroom local and walking water corridor.

Relaxation and fitness

To recuperate, the thermal baths offer weekly stays to enjoy the benefits of thermal water (light legs, backache, stress) in formulas per day (formula discovery, spa getaway) or other short trips can include a hotel*** accommodation in all inclusive (midweek).




Favorite Deals

6 days "Light Legs"

4 water treatments adapted to boost your circulation, relieve leg pain.
The + of this room: actual venous vascular rehabilitation that combines the effects of stockings and drainage massage with the walking corridor.

The Little +

Enjoy the new equipment, the walking corridor, indicated in the thermal treatment MCA (cardio-arterial diseases), especially recommended for its vasodilator effect.

It is a real tool to generalized vascular dynamic exercise.


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